Over 200,000 people have received relevant information on maternal-child health and birth defects.
870 pregnant women and their unborn babies have access to antenatal care services

Over 15,000 kilograms of fortified super mama porridge have been supplied to women
18 jobs created
Market for over 120 small scale farmers created
1,400 mosquito nets have been given to mothers
870 mama kits supplied to pregnant mothers
Transport for 870 women for health facility delivery already coordinated
Postnatal services for 870 new mothers and their newborns secured
Over 500 appropriate health referrals made
Harmony restored among many families
Savings culture adopted and increased in households
Social support gained among women through organized groups, increased male participation in maternal-child health and thus stress, depression, loneliness and physiological discomfort eliminated among women

Even though a lot is still needed, we take the opportunity to thank all our supporters, we are immensely grateful to all of the trusts, organizations, corporations, businesses, volunteers, and individuals who enabled and continue to enable all the Infants’ Health Foundation projects to go ahead. Without you it simply wouldn’t be possible to lift up rural mothers living in poverty, our deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has generously supported this life-saving and global investment work.

We won’t stop working on marginalized and less privileged rural mothers. We believe through our home-based maternal-child health care services, educational campaigns and grain fortification women and children will have better health and future. Children will receive a better start in life and are the change makers and our future lie in them.