Donating is easy
You can make a one -off gift or support us regularly (monthly or annually)
€15 Will help a rural pregnant mother in a remote village receive all antenatal care services during pregnancy
€8 Will help a rural new mother receive all postnatal care services after delivery
€88 Will help a rural woman receive fortified nutritious porridge before, during and after pregnancy
€5 Will help in transportation of a pregnant woman to and from the health facility during child delivery
€9 Will help a woman have a mosquito net and mama kit
You can support our research and surveillance programs, educational campaigns/ awareness
raising programs.
You can also donate €15000 for ambulance for the transportation of mothers to health facilities for
child deliveries and other referral emergencies.
You can invite us to attend and participate in conferences on maternal and child health, birth defects,
disabilities, nutrition and fortification, mentorship and empowerment.
You can become our agent by linking us to the individuals, organisation and other agencies that can
support us in this life saving mission.